Let us know what you want at General Election 2015

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John Howarth with our previous General Election brochures.

At the last three General Elections Public Impact has run Labour Print services. In 2001, 2005 and 2005 we partnered with Labour’s South East Region and also worked with Labour MPs from around the UK who had liked and used our services during their terms of office.

These days Labour has its own print services. Naturally they give priority to the seat Labour needs to hold or win to form a Government. When we ran print for Labour South East we did the same, but we always made sure that those CLPs not lucky enough to have a Labour MP got their print on time too. It’s important to us that people get the service they are paying for.

A lot has changed over the years of course, but everybody still has a letterbox! For the coming General Election we will be helping out Labour Parties and candidates again.

As ever that will mean:

  • You get branding consistent with Labour’s national campaign

  • You have control over the copy, photos and messages

  • You don’t have to mess around with clunky on-line design systems that produce amateur looking publicity

  • You get well designed, professional material that you won’t be embarrassed to distribute

  • You get your material on time, delivered when we say

  • You get FREE advice and expertise from people who have been candidates, agents, written for newspapers, who understand the law image rights and know what it’s like to run a campaign

BUT we also need to know what else you need and want from us? What ideas you have for publicity that’s not on our price lists right now? Remember we can produce anything, well almost, not just on paper but also large format for campaign HQs, big posters for campaign launches, pull up stands for meetings, social media visuals and much, much more.

So we are asking you to let us know what you would like?

Please just send us a note either using our form here or by email – info@public-impact.com.

Oh and just one last thing. We’ll be publishing blogs with campaign advice and ideas all the way through to the election including some guest blogs from some of our customers. We had a great response to our piece on photographic image rights. We hope you will find them useful.

Best of luck over the next 230 something days.

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