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Big changes at Labourprint and new lower prices.

Labourprint has had a rebrand, a new look and a new responsive website to launch our new Labour print service.

We have been printing for Labour for the last 18 years and during this time the list of happy customers has grown. We like to get testimonials on the service and feedback, good and bad, this gives us chance to improve the service. On our last feedback survey the main thing we heard from you was 'we love your stuff, but we can't afford it'.

So we looked at what we could do on this.

We went to our printers and looked at what we could do on revising costs down without reducing the quality. Also looking at how we work in house on the design and on admin tasks like invoicing and payments, we found we could make some time savings. This all means we can give you the lower prices you wanted, alongside the free design and free delivery we offer.

Now the price you see is the price you pay, not a penny more. You can order at any time and get delivery when you need it.


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